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Locks in Davis

Your home or business’s safety and security is not something to be trifled with. You have to protected against all kinds of possibilities and it begins with a quality lock. Did you know that most locks can be picked within minutes? It’s true! Which means that if you haven’t invested in a sophisticated lock system for your home or business in the Davis area, you could be vulnerable. Luckily, peace of mind is easy to come by. All you have to do is call (707) 678-2688 today and speak to the master locksmith at Bob’s Lock & Safe.

Bob’s Lock & Safe has been proud to be the first choice for Davis homes and businesses whenever they want additional security. Security begins with quality locks. We can provide you with an extensive line of locks to meet your residential or commercial needs. Our licensed team of experts take great pride in being your choice to provide them with the additional security they need because it speaks to the quality of our work and the reliability of our services.

No matter what you need our lock services for, whether it’s the installation of a superior product, maintenance or repairs, Bob’s Lock & Safe is here to help. We make it our business to stay on top of the latest developments in lock technology and provide our expertise in the field with a friendly and personalized approach. We offer the highest quality lock services in the Davis area, which is why you can trust our team to improve the security of your home or business.

For a free estimate on our services, call (707) 678-2688 today and tell us what you need.

Residential Locks

Nearly three million homes are broken into every year in the United States, and although not all break-ins are preventable, exterior locks and deadbolts are the first line of defense against malicious, unwanted intruders. There are many different locks on the market today that can offer your home superior protection, but the trick is picking the right one for your home. And that’s where Bob’s Lock & Safe’s locksmiths can be of great assistance. You may know you want to get a stronger lock and we can help you select, install and, in the future, maintain or repair any locks in your home for maximum security.

Commercial Locks

No matter what your business does, the sensitive documents and important assets inside are nobody else’s business. Make sure that no uninvited guests cause your business to take a few steps back when you call Bob’s Lock & Safe to secure your commercial space in Davis. Whether it’s an office building, apartment complex, factory, warehouse, retail store, shopping mall or restaurant, our experienced locksmiths can help you find the ideal lock and security system to keep your business safe from any unforeseen circumstances.

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Your first line of defense from the worst-case scenario begins with quality locks correctly installed by trained professionals. If you want peace of mind, call (707) 678-2688 to get it from the security experts at Bob’s Lock & Safe.