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Electronic Access Control Systems

Some establishments require more than the standard security measures. For those who wish to add more than just a deadbolt to their entrances and exits, there are electronic access control systems. With keyless entry systems such as these, individuals can control and monitor the comings and goings of all employees.

A system as sophisticated as a keyless access control system requires the installation expertise of professional locksmiths. In our field, you won’t find a team of locksmiths more qualified to install, repair, or reconfigure your digital locks than Bob's Lock & Safe.

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Goodbye to Keys, Hello to Access Control Systems

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, a proper security system is of the utmost importance. Deadbolts, electronic locks, and access control panels protect the premises—and what’s more, they give you peace of mind.

The benefits of these security systems are almost too great to count. Whether you’re looking for keyless entry, increased ease of access, or energy-efficient and cost-saving benefits, you’ll find them through keyless digital locks. And as many have come to learn, the best way to reap these many benefits is by working with us.

Would you like to learn a little more about our comprehensive array of services? If so, contact us at your convenience. With us, customer service doesn’t begin at the point of sale. It begins the moment we get your very first phone call. That’s how we’ve risen the ranks, and that is how we remain in the good graces of individuals and businesses alike.

Customize Your Access Control Server

Whether your company has a small staff or a large one, an electronic access system is the choice for you. We can help you program your system to accommodate your staff and modify it during times of turnover. Whenever your business expands, we’ll show you how to grant new employees entry.

With these types of systems, you can even go so far as to restrict access to specific areas or rooms in your facility. Private offices can remain private, and storage areas reserved for tech support or custodial staff will only be accessible to select parties.

No two facilities are the same, and no two clients expect the same things from their access control systems. We make sure to install your keyless security system according to your wishes

Added Security with Our Locksmiths

Bob's Lock & Safe provides electronic access control services to any establishment in the Davis region for maximum security and protection. Our security experts are experienced with the installation of keyless entry systems that will allow you to control access and monitor any and all activities within your facility with ease. From a single primary mainframe, our electronic security systems enable access control to any room or location and provide many other benefits that include:

  • Keyless entry and exit with convenient swipe card or tags
  • Easy user removal and addition of users from your computer, laptop or mobile phone
  • Track users in any monitored area
  • Monitoring the arrival and departure time of all employees and visitors
  • Track the absenteeism and break durations of your employees
  • Improve productivity levels
  • Services for specialized programming
  • Adaptable and flexible electronic access control systems that are customized according to requirements

In order to reap the many benefits of these electronic security systems, we suggest you contact our locksmiths. With us overseeing the installation and future maintenance of your keyless entry system, you’ll be as secure as can be.

Save Big with Our Locksmith Company

When you rely on the expertise of our technicians, you save both time and money. Our diligent nature ensures that you’ll not have to worry about your new electronic access system any time soon. When you’re spending less on repairs and service calls, you can direct your funds to other important matters.

Eliminate Security Concerns With

Advanced Technology Electronic Protection

Never worry about changing the locks again when an employee is terminated or leaves. Save on labor and other expensed with advanced electronic security system technology that offers cost effective peace of mind.

Adaptable Access Control Systems

Bob's Lock & Safe electronic access systems are available in a variety of applications that range from basic single locks and numeric keypad systems, to the most comprehensive electronic security control available today. Our systems are easily adapted to include any number of rooms and doors at your Davis location as your company grows.

Access control is one of the most rapidly growing areas of electronic security with ever evolving developments and technology that offer the highest level of protection. Schedule a free consultation with one of the electronic specialists at Bob's Lock & Safe to determine which access control system best suits your needs and budget. Our phone number is (707) 888-1962

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